Workshop for Research Supervisors of Board of Studies on Humanities & Social Sciences

A workshop, organized by the Faculty of Graduate Studies for the research supervisors of the Board of Studies on Humanities and Board of Studies on Social Sciences was successfully held on 11th of December at the faculty premises.

Prof. Hemanthi Ranasinghe, Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies welcomed the audience and explained the importance of a program to discuss the issues arising for the research supervisors and gave an insight into the revised guidelines for post graduate studies at Faculty of Graduate Studies. Prof. M.M Karunanayake, Emeritus Professor in Geography and a former Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies participated in the program as a resource person and he distinguished the elements of excellence in postgraduate research supervision. Prof. Ven. Medagampitiye Wijithadhamma Thero, Chairperson of Board of Studies on Humanities depicted on building a strong graduate student. Prof. Charmalie Nahallage, Chairperson of Board of Studies on Social Sciences further explained regarding the main components of research output including building a sound conceptual framework, literature review, design of study, data analysis, thesis writing and referencing.  Mr. Uditha Senarathne, the Consultant Faculty of Graduate Studies shared his words on maintaining the momentum to enable student to complete the research on time.

The supervisors had a platform to bring their inquiries and suggestions through the panel discussion chaired by Prof. Hemanthi Ranasinghe, Prof. M.M Karunanayake, Prof. Charmalie Nahallage and Mr. Nalinda Dharmarathne (Deputy Registrar of the Faculty of Graduate Studies). The program concluded making an initiative to carry on more research supervisory programs to produce beneficial research outputs.