A rational and reasoned argument that posits the “problem” as problem and indicates the necessity for the research. Critical studies (elements of the literature review) that provide supporting information for the “gap” in the current research that the student’s own research will fill should be woven into this segment of the text to support the argument.

Significance of the Research:
Indicates the various shareholders in the research and cites the beneficiaries of the outcomes. The far reaching implications of the project findings should be included.

Research Question (s):
Clearly write the question (s) in a precise manner that captures the essence of the research imperative.

Literature Review:
List the component areas of the studies that comprise the literature review. These are derived from key elements/terms in the Research Questions

Describe the method that best compliments the research questions and “fits” within that initiative. If the research involves human subjects, animals, recombinant DNA, and certain substances or materials, etc. include the necessity of obtaining the ethical clearance before commencing the work.

Give the most important references which would substantiate your research


The entire concept paper should not exceed 1500 words