April 19, 2021
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Statistical thinking and methods are becoming more and more prevalent in an exceptionally wide range of areas. With this postgraduate qualification in Applied Statistics, students can advance their career in almost any field, including education, science, technology, health care, government, or business. In Sri Lanka, qualified statisticians are well received by various institutions such as the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Department of Census and Statistics and Coconut/Tea/Rubber research institutes to name but a few. The demand for trained statisticians continues to increase in the industry as well as it is becoming more dependent on predictive data and numerical reasoning.

There is a high demand for professionals with postgraduate qualifications in Applied Statistics in the country. Professionals from various backgrounds are also keen in obtaining basic statistical knowledge in order to advance in their careers. This Postgraduate Certificate program has been specially designed for those who wish to gain a basic knowledge in statistics which may be of interest to professionals from various backgrounds seeking to gain some basic knowledge in statistical methods. For example, following successful completion, professionals from various fields such as medicine, engineering, management, social sciences, biological sciences, marketing, pharmaceuticals etc. will be able to design surveys/experiments and then analyze the data collected through them. Further to this, this postgraduate program will be of benefit for those who are following programs such as M.B.A., M.D. as these programs require a basic knowledge in Statistics to succeed.

Postgraduate Certificate program in Applied Statistics is a University Grants Commission (UGC) approved program that has been designed to meet Sri Lanka Quality Framework (SLQF 7) guidelines.

Objectives of the Degree Program

The main objective of the Postgraduate Certificate program in Applied Statistics is to provide professionals from various fields with a basic knowledge in Applied Statistics. Those who complete the program successfully will be capable of solving statistical problems arising in practical situations in a broad range of fields.

The Postgraduate Certificate program in Applied Statistics provides

  • Essential theoretical knowledge in Statistics,
  • An opportunity for graduates who have not studied Statistics to learn Statistics,
  • Knowledge in applications of Statistics and training in data analysis required by graduate employees in various fields,
  • An opportunity for graduate employees to gain higher education qualifications required for their promotions and career development.

Graduate Profile:

The postgraduate student who successfully completes the degree is expected to demonstrate;

  • An understanding of essential theoretical knowledge in statistics,
  • An ability to apply the gained knowledge and training in data analysis to solve real-life problems.

Professional and Employment Opportunities:

Advancement in careers in census and statistics field, opportunities to enter the banking sector including central bank. As the country’s monitoring, reviewing and valuation processes advance the graduate in this field will have numerous options.

Eligibility requirement (2020 intake)

Bachelor’s Degree from any field of study from a university or an equivalent institution recognized by University Grants Commission/University of Sri Jayewardenepura. Adequate mathematical knowledge is recommended.

Course Units in the Postgraduate Certificate programme in Applied Statistics (2020 intake)

SemestersCourse CodeCourse NameCredit ValueStatus(Core /Optional)
1STA 501 1.0Descriptive Statistics1.0Core
STA 502 2.0Probability and Distribution Theory2.0Core
STA 503 1.0Sampling Techniques1.0Core
STA 504 2.0Statistical Inference2.0Core
STA 505 2.0Medical Statistics2.0Core
STA 506 2.0Linear Regression Analysis2.0Core
2STA 507 1.0Nonparametric Statistics1.0Core
STA 508 1.0Industrial Statistics1.0Core
STA 509 2.0Introduction to Design and Analysis of Experiments2.0Core
STA 510 2.0Categorical Data Analysis2.0Core
STA 511 2.0Applied Multivariate Analysis2.0Core
STA 512 2.0Data Analysis2.0Core

Postgraduate Certificate: Total number of lecture hours is 300 hours. Total number of credits is 20. All the courses are core courses.

 Fee structure (2020 intake)

Fees Per Student (Rs.)
Course Fee/Tuition FeeRs. 130,000.00
Application Fee Rs. 1000.00
Registration FeeRs. 5000.00
Library – Non refundableRs. 5000.00
Library – RefundableRs. 5000.00
End Semester Examination per CourseIncluded in the course fee
Viva Voce ExaminationNA
Repeat Examination per CourseAs set by FGS

Program Delivery and Learner Support System (2020 intake): All lectures will be conducted using online teaching methods. Discussion/practical classes, exams etc. will be conducted in class during the weekend (Saturday 8 am - 4 pm, Sunday 9 am - 12 noon).

Next intake: Please contact the coordinator via an email.

Coordinator’s details

Dr. Chathuri Jayasinghe
Department of Statistics,
Faculty of Applied Sciences,
University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Email: chathuri@sjp.ac.lk