Applications are invited from eligible applicants for the award of 05 (five) postgraduate scholarships offered by the People’s Republic of China under the above scholarship programme.

Scholarships are available for postgraduate studies in any field and the medium of study is English language.However, some courses may be conducted in Chinese language. For further information refer the China Scholarship Council web site, or

02. General eligibility requirements:

(a) Should be a citizen of Sri Lanka.
(b) Should have a First or Second Class (Upper Division) degree from a recognized university.
(c) Applicants for PhD Programme must have a Masters degree and should be below 40 years and the applicants for Masters Programme should have a Bachelors degree in the relevant field and should be below 35 years of age on 26.02.2016.
(d) Be employed in the Public Sector, University or a State Corporation.
(e) Should be a permanent employee and confirmed in service (letter of confirmation should be forwarded).
(f) An employee on probation may apply provided however that his/her confirmation is
conditional upon acquiring a specified postgraduate qualification, in such a case a statement to that effect should be included in cage 17 of the application.
(g) A lecturer on probation is eligible to apply when he/she has been in continuous service for a period of one year from the date of his/her appointment by the 26.02.2016 (As per the UGC-ECode Chapter X. Division II, 27:3).
(h) High proficiency in English.

03. Terms of Award

(a) Monthly Living Allowance CNY 1,700 for Masters degree students; CNY 2,000 for Doctoral degree students
(b) Exempt from registration fee, tuition fee, fee for laboratory experiment, fee for internship, fee for basic learning materials
(c) One-off settlement subsidy after registration – CNY 1500
(d) Fee for outpatient medical service, Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Protection Scheme.
(e) One-off inter-city travel subsidy (Traveling from the port of entry upon registration to the admitting institution)
(f) Free accommodation


(i) Travel Expenses to China and back to Sri Lanka should be borne by the candidate
(ii) Cost of the laboratory experiment or internship beyond the institution’s arrangements should be self-afforded.
(iii) Fee for basic learning materials only covers the necessary learning materials prescribed by the host institution and other text books and materials shall be selfafforded.

04. Applications:

(a) Every application should conform to the specimen form provided
(b) The words “Chinese Postgraduate Scholarships 2016/17” should be indicated on the top left hand corner of the envelope containing the application.
(c) Each Applicant should submit only one application for single course of study, and should state whether he/she has been nominated for a similar award in the past.
(d) No application from an employee of government sector, University or a state Corporation will be entertained unless channeled through the Head of the Institution concerned. He/She should in forwarding the application appropriately complete the certificate in cage 17 of the application.
(e) No application will be entertained from a person who has entered into an agreement or bond to serve the Government of Sri Lanka, a State Sector Institute unless he/she shall have completed by 26.02.2016, the full period specified in such agreement or bond and shall have discharged fully all the other obligations under such agreement or bond.

However, an application of a university academic who has studied abroad on his/her own expense or on a scholarship received from a source other than through his/her University, can be considered if he/she has completed at least 2 years of his /her mandatory service period as per the agreement provided that the Vice Chancellor recommends his application as per the provisions of the University Establishment Code.

(f) Any statement in the application, which is found to be incorrect, will render the applicant liable to disqualification, if the inaccuracy is discovered before selection, and to the withdrawal of award, if discovered after selection.

05. Interview

Candidates will be summoned for an interview after short-listing of applications. He/she should produce at the interview original certificates of qualifications, Educational Certificates, Extracurricular certificates, Certificate of Birth, National Identity card, and any other documentary evidence in support of his/her candidature as requested.
Applicants who applied for PhD programme should produce a project proposal at the interview. Traveling or other expenses incurred in connection with this interview will not be paid.

06. Nomination for Scholarship:

No candidate should treat his/her nomination for a scholarship by the Ministry as his/her acceptance for an award. Acceptance is a matter entirely within the discretion of the respective awarding agency to whom the nomination is made. Selected candidates who decline to accept the award after nomination will not be considered for any other award for one year.

07. (a) Closing date: Applications will be accepted only up to 26.02.2016

(b) Applications should be sent to the following address by Registered Post or by hand to reach on or before the closing date.

Ministry of Higher Education & Highways
Higher Education Division
No.18, Ward Place,
Colombo 07

(c) Applications which are not sent according to the above requirements or incomplete in any respect or received late will be rejected
Ministry of Higher Education & Highways
Higher Education Division
No.18, Ward Place,
Colombo 07.

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