Two best Poster Presentation Awards for the two postgraduate students who participated at the APSN-ISN Neuroscience School, Malaysia 2016.

The APSN-ISN Neuroscience school was a joint venture of the Asian Pacific society for Neurochemistry, International Society for Neurochemistry, Malaysian Society of Neurosciences and the University Putra Malaysia and it was held from the 22nd – 30th August 2016. This school comprised of participants from top most universities and research institutions in the Asia Pacific Region. This region holds special challenges given the extreme breadth of cultural, economic and scientific diversity within its boundaries. Countries already involved with the APSN include Australia, China – Beijing, China – Taipei, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Among the Asia Pacific region attendees of the APSN-ISN school 2016 the two of “Top Five Poster Presenters’ Award” had been secured by two post graduate students, Ms. Nadeeka Udawatte and Mr. Nalaka Wijekoon. Furthermore they were also granted full fellowship to attend APSN-ISN Neuroscience School 2016. The council of APSN has also given special remark in appreciating the principal investigator Prof. Ranil de Silva of Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medical Sciences. Prof. Ranil de Silva was also reelected as one of the ten council members for the Asian Pacific Society for Neurochemistry from 2016-2018.

Ms. Udawatte and Mr. Wijekoon, the soul Sri Lankan candidates of the APSN-ISN Neuroscience School presented the following.

  • Nadeeka Udawatte
    • Abstract Publish Journal- The supplementary issue of Frontiers of Cellular Neuroscience
    • Impact factor of journal- 4.69
    • Title- “ACE I/D polymorphism and the risk of Ischemic Stroke; A Sri Lankan outlook
    • Conclusion- This study enhances awareness to the governing authority of health system in Sri Lanka, in implement ACE I/D polymorphism genetic test as a cost effective remedy for the hypertensive patients before being prescribed to antihypertensive drugs to those who are at a risk of hypertension and ISCHEMIC Stroke at young on set (<40) with the allele defects
  • Nalaka Wijekoon
    • Abstract Publish Journal- The supplementary issue of Frontiers of Cellular Neuroscience
    • Impact factor of journal- 4.69
    • Title- “Duchenne Muscular Dystophy in Monozygotic Twins: First Follow up Study World Wide
    • Conclusion- This study will open up a unique resource towards multidisciplinary collaborative research in identification of novel disease modifiers, epigenetic variants and protein/ metabolic biomarkers on DMD in a South Asian context

These International Awards encourage and recognize outstanding accomplishments in the global arena of research. It uplifts the stature of the university reputation making way towards meaningful and beneficial collaborations between USJP and communities abroad. Therefore we would like to congratulate to winners and Prof. Ranil De Silva for setting this benchmark that would indeed motivate future generations of the university.