February 19, 2020
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MPhil and PhD


A two year M.A. Degree with a research component in a relevant subject obtained from a recognized university.
upgrading on the basis of the M.A. first year written examination. Note that candidate who obtains as average of 60 marks in the written papers at the M.A. examination can be transferred to the M.Phil. programme on presenting a paper on an approved tropic to the satisfaction of the Board of Study.
Professional degree or qualification acceptable to the senate and a pass at the qualifying examination.

An upgraded M.Phil. candidate who makes a request and presents two seminar papers on approved topics to the satisfaction of the Board of Study after one year of research.

Course Requirements

M.Phil. and Ph.D. candidates are expected to present three and four seminar papers respectively related to the subject area of study before submitting their theses.

The upgraded M.Phil. candidates who have already presented two seminar papers are required to present only two additional seminar papers before submitting the theses for a Ph.D.