May 14, 2021
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MPhil and PhD in Management

Course Duration
MPhil: 2 years
PhD : 3 years
Medium of Instruction: English

The MPhil/PhD in Management aims to produce experts whose research is of higher international quality and standards. The structured research training is offered to the students by staff who are experts in their own fields. The areas of study spans from Accounting, Business Economics, Finance, Human Resources, International Business, Management & Organization Studies, Marketing or Interdisciplinary Studies.

Objective/Graduate Profile

The postgraduate student who completes the degree should be able to;
• Analyse a range of data using a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques
• Able to explain theories underlying different approaches to social science research.
• Able to characterise and solve business and management problems using advanced research tools.
• Able to derive policy implications from their research and communicate these to policymakers, practitioners and other academics in a manner which is comprehensible.

Admission requirements:

The admission requirements are according to the SLQF and shown in Annexure 1. The details of the administration of the research degrees are shown in Section 2 under Guidelines for Postgraduate studies. Candidates who registered for MPhil Degree will be given the opportunity to be upgraded to PhD after one year, based on their performance and merit.

Course description

Development of the Research Proposal and conduct the research
Appointment of Supervisors

Each student enrolled in the PhD program shall be assigned an academic supervisor or supervisors (not exceeding three) by the Board of Studies in Management and Commerce. When there is more than one supervisor one shall be designated as the principal supervisor. An additional supervisor is appointed only when there is a specific requirement for such appointment.

The doctoral research shall be consistent with the guidance provided by the academic supervisor/s. A student is required to complete a minimum of 180 hours (180hrs=2hrs x 15 weeks x 2 semesters x 3 years) of supervision with his/her supervisor.

Doctoral Research Proposal

A student registered for MPhil degree and had successfully completed the compulsory course in Research Methodology is required to present a detailed research proposal to the Proposal Evaluation Board at the beginning of the first semester of the Year 2. Candidates who directly register for a PhD in Management Studies must present the detailed research proposal at the beginning of the first semester of Year 1. A candidate is given two attempts to present his/her proposal to the Board. Based on the assessment of performance at the written examinations and the evaluation of the research proposal, candidates may or may not be given the opportunity to pursue their research degree.

PhD Seminars

Students are required to participate / present progress in three or more seminars at the PhD study level in addition to the seminar at which the PhD proposal is presented. The first such seminar will be held subsequent to the approval of the research proposal but not later than the end of the first semester, Year 2. Students are required to provide evidence of satisfactory progress of research at each seminar. The final seminar will be held four months prior to the submission of the doctoral thesis. It will provide an opportunity to review the research outcome and make the required corrections and revisions before
final submission

Eligibility for Defense of the PhD/MPhil Thesis:

Students who intend to submit their theses shall submit a statement of ‘Intention to submit’ in a prescribed form to the Research Coordinator of the PhD Program, 3 months
prior to the date of submission with the approval of the supervisor. Once approved by the Coordinator (Research) five softbound copies of the thesis and an electronic version
should be submitted to the Deputy Registrar of the Faculty of Graduate Studies along with the approval form from the Coordinator (Research). In order to accept the thesis the
the following needs to be fulfilled;

• Successful completion of recommended courses on Research Methods as certified by the Coordinator (Research)
• Possession of a valid registration as a student at the time of submission of the thesis
• Plagiarism report

Once accepted the Faculty of Graduate will proceed with the evaluation process as detailed for other research degrees.


In the taught courses the candidate’s performance is assessed by continuous assessments during and at the end of the semester. The pass mark is 50%. The candidate is requested to pass all the taught courses before proceeding to the proposal defence. When the thesis is submitted to the Deputy Registrar/FGS it will be evaluated similarly to other research degrees as shown in Section 2 of the Handbook.

warding the MPhil/PhD
Candidate should pass all the taught courses and also pass the Viva Voce examination in order to qualify for the award of the MPhil/PhD degree.

Payment Plan

At the time of the registration, the course fees for the first year need to be paid. The student is expected to register yearly and due payments need to be done at the beginning each year.

Payment Information