Program Structure:

 The normal period of study for the PGDMM is one academic year consists of two (02) terms. Upon receiving a request, under the circumstances acceptable to the Board of study in Management Studies and Commerce, a student may be granted the extension of registration beyond two years. The maximum period of study for the program is five years from the date of commencement of the first credit course of the program. Each additional registration student must pay the required amount mention by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Semester I

Code Subject
1 PGDMM 1.1        Marketing Theories and Practice
2 PGDMM 1.2 Consumer Behavior
3 PGDMM 1.3 a). Integrated Marketing Communication
b). Sales Management
4 PGDMM 1.4 a). Management for Marketing
b). Financial Management for Marketing
c). Economics for Marketing  
5 PGDMM 1.5 Marketing  Research

Semester II

6 PGDMM 2.1 Product and Brand Management
7 PGDMM 2.2 Analytical tools for Marketing
8  PGDMM 2.3 a). Strategic Marketing
b). Marketing Sustainability
9 PGDMM 2.4 Services Marketing
10 PGDMM 2.5 Project Report (Independent Study)