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Criteria for Registration and Requirements for Ph.D.

Degree: Ph.D.

Medium: English

Subjects Area:

Ph.D. Eligibility for Registration

The PhD. program seeks prospective students with excellent scholastic background and interest in Management related research. Doctoral candidates should have an outstanding academic record and a genuine interest in undertaking research. To be eligible for the doctoral program, application must satisfy either of the following admission requirements.

a) Master’s degree in Management/Commerce from a recognized university with research experience of a

minimum of 3 credits in the same field.

b) Any recognized postgraduate degree with evidence of research in Management, of a minimum of 3 credits,

approved by the University Senate.

c) MPhil. in Management/Management related discipline.


Application Requirements

Prospective students (both local and foreign) satisfying the eligibility criteria cited above may apply for admission to the Ph.D. program in Management Studies by submitting the following documents.

1. Duly completed application form the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

2. personal Resume

3. Statement of purpose

4. Two letters of recommendation ( In the case of other applicants from academic institutions references shall be from two

academic referee and other from a professional well acquainted with the candidate)

5. Research proposal ( in accordance with the guidelines provided in the prescribed form)

6. Evidence of proficiency in written and spoken English: TOEFL / ILETS / Equivalent results must be submitted by applicants

whose mother tongue is not English. This is not a requirement for those who have earned an undergraduate or Master’s

degree in the English medium. However, the letter of request for TOEFL waiver should be accompanied by appropriate

documentation in support of the claim that the medium of instruction was English.

7. Letter of certification: Applicants who are currently  employed should provide of leave, release or permission to pursue

graduate studies approved by the Head of the institution/organization.

Admission and Registration

The decision to admit candidates for the doctoral program is based on the strength of the application and the interview performance of each candidate. Successful applicants with eligibility criteria (a)and (b) are required to register for the M.Phil. program in Management studies in the first instance, and those with eligibility criteria  (c) are required to register for the PhD. program in Management Studies by payment of the applicable registration and tuition fees.

program Duration

The duration of the PhD program will be from three to six years.

M.Phil. 2 years (maximum 5 yrs)
PhD. 3 years (maximum 6yra

Note that permission to proceed to the PhD will be given only to candidates who produce (successfully defended) research proposals and show outstanding academic performance in Year I. Others will be eligible for registration only for the MPhil. degree.

Program Structure

A compulsory course on Research Methodology is offered in the English medium during Yeay-1, first semester for all students in order to provide a research orientation and develop their analytical and critical skills for the students who register for the M.Phil./PhD.program.

A supervisor is assigned to a candidate as soon as s/he is registered based on the candidate’s research interests as demonstrated by the research proposal s/he has submitted.

Upon registration, all students are issued with a Student Record Book for identification purposes and use of library facilities, which shall be renewed at the commencement of every semester. It will also carry official endorsements.

It shall be the responsibility of every student to ensure that he/she will remain continuously registered from the beginning of the semester in which he/she commenced the program of study up to the end of the semester in which he/she would complete the requirement s for the degree.

Late registration can be done only up to a period of one week after the normal registration deadline on payment of a late registration fee of Rs.250.

required to adhere to the following structure.

Year 1 Semester 1

Course on Research Methodology

(Compulsory for all the students)

proposal defence for the candidates Who

register for thr PhD in Management Studies.

Semester 2

Develop the detailed research proposal with

the assistance of the supervisor/s

At this point student/s will be given an

opportunity to change their topic and /or the

supervisor if they want to do so owing to

acceptable and fair reasons.

Year 2 Semester 1

Students are expected to appear for the

proposal defence.

Semester 2

Students are expected to proceed with their

research work.

Year 3 Semester 1

Students are expected to proceed with their

Research work.
Semester 2

Students are expected to proceed with their research work.

Registration and Tuition Fee

The following fee schedule for a three-year Program of Graduate Studies is applicable.

Application Fee Rs 1,000
Registration Fee (Rs.5,000 per year) Rs 15,000
Tuition Fees (each year for the first three years) Rs 300,000
Library Fees (Rs.5,000 per year) Rs 15,000
Other fees specified by the university (Rs.5,000 per year) Rs 15,000
Tuition Fee (for each subsequent year beyond three year) Rs 200,000


the tuition fees for each additional year beyond the third year shall be Rs. 200,000. The library deposit of Rs. 5,000 is refundable at the end of the program. The registration fee of Rs. 5,000 is applicable for each year if the resubmission of the thesis is after one year. One-half the tuition fees shall be charted for resubmission requiring 6-12 months from the date of the viva vose examination, and full tuition fees will be charged for resubmission exceeding 12 months. resubmission of a thesis with minor revisions will not incur a registration or a tuition fee provided that the resubmission is done within three months of the defence of the thesis.