The University of sri Jayewardenepura is proud to be one of the leading academic establishments to prepare food scientists-technologist for local and international food sector. The department of Food science and Technology (DEST) on the main, offers a B.Sc. Degree in Food Technology (FST) and a M.Sc. in FST and is engaged in disseminating related knowledge and skills to the needy individuals and groups through short term courses.

Presently, applications are invited to select eligible candidates for the enrolment in the Masters of Science Degree programme in Food Science and Technology conducted by the Faculty of Graduate Studies in collaboration with the DFST.

The M.Sc. course (FST) consists of course work, practical classes, assignments and a research component geared towards those already employed in the food sector as Food Technologists, Research Scientists, Academic, Trainers, Food Analysts, Qc personnel, factory Managers, Medical/Scientific personnel in nutrition, Food related sectors as above or enhance knowledge on scientific aspects of food resources and their management for better utilization in Business opportunities. Hence, the curriculum has been designed to cater to the needs of different personnel involved in the food industry.