Computer Facilities

The computer laboratory at the FGS has more than 40 computers equipped with state of the art software and statistical & GIS packages. The laboratory is open during the weekdays and on request on weekends.

Library Facilities

Postgraduate students are provided with library facilities in the main library of the University. The library holds a very large number of books and journals. In addition library subscribes to a substantial amount of foreign and local journals annually. The main university library has access to other libraries in Sri Lanka and literature can be ordered by prior arrangement through relevant institutions.

The library at the FGS holds a large collection of thesis of all the M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees offered by the FGS. Electronic databases of journals to which the University has subscribed  can also be accessed from the FGS library. The library is open all week and on request on weekends.

Recreation Facilities

Facilities for athletics, cricket, hockey, rugger, soccer, volleyball, tennis, swimming, etc. are available in the university premises. A well-equipped gymnasium is situated in the University premises where students could participate in indoor games such as badminton, basket-ball, table- tennis, weight lifting, etc. A theatre for screening of films, documentaries, etc. and an open-air theatre for dramas are also available in the university campus.

Healthcare Facilities

The Health Center headed by the Chief Medical Officer, provides preventive and curative health care to the university community including the postgraduate students. A 24-hour medical service catering to emergencies is also provided by the Health Center. Cases which cannot be handled at the Health Center are referred to the Teaching Hospital, Kalubowila or the Teaching Hospital, Sri Jayewardenepura.