hemanthi-ranasingheThe Faculty of Graduate Studies in the University was established in 1996 under the provisions of Graduate Studies Ordinance No. 3 of 1987 with the intension of providing leadership and facilitation for the postgraduate teaching and research. It has come a long way during a comparatively short period and is on the right track of achieving its vision to be the centre of excellence in advanced learning, research and scholarship both within and outside the domain of Sri Lanka.. The Faculty operates with seven already established Study Boards namely Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Management Studies and Commerce, Social Sciences, Humanities, Medical Sciences and Multidisciplinary Studies where the programs span across disciplines. Engineering and Technology Study Boards will be established soon. The uniqueness of our study programs stems from the strategic disposition of our university, which is thriving towards greater heights in a very modern technological environment but having a solid religious, cultural, traditional knowledge base. The rich natural resources in the country provide opportunities to both local and foreign students to get hands on experience of nature and learn how to sustainably manage them for long-term sustainability.

Through its postgraduate courses and research programs, it is intended to produce a knowledgeable and skilled human resources integrated with positive attitudes towards sustainable development. Through target oriented courses designed on par with the new approaches and technologies in modern day, the mid and top level managers get a change to sharpen their knowledge and skills to face new challenges in their work place effectively and efficiently. The teaching learning process is conducted by a highly qualified staff both internal and external. The external staff are drawn from the private and state sector with wide practical experience.

We have structured a long-term plan spanning over the next 10 years to accomplish our goal. First and foremost, we intend to improve the quality of the curricula and the delivery of our courses and research programs to be on par with those internationally. We intend to be the central coordinating body for university research, increase the publications and citations and facilitate the university to increase its global ranking. We will be introducing e learning as appropriate to facilitate the students who are hard-pressed with time to attend lectures regularly. The Management Information System and Learning Management System which would be integrated to the website soon will facilitate smoother operations of the course and their administration. We will be focusing on the target oriented tailor made courses/executive diplomas, which will be offered solely, or with appropriate partners. A University Industry hub will be created with the intention of serving the industry better and having stronger partnerships in training and research. The Graduate Skills Enhancement Program we offer throughout the year in parallel to the courses/research is expected to enhance the research, language and other soft skills required to be successful not only during the student days but in personality development which would be a long term achievement.

Therefore, it is our genuine intention to empower the human capitol to contribute effectively and efficiency in the sustainable development of the country and the world .

Professor Hemanthi Ranasinghe