1. Paper: leaf Size – A4 on good quality white paper (80

2. The text should be in double space type (font 12 – Times New Roman for body text) with the following margins:

Letter size for headings, sub heading ect, use of italics, bold type should be consistent within the thesis and follow correct scientific and language norms.

Space to be left:

Right side – 2 cm.
Top and Bottom – 3 cm.
Left side – 4 cm. (room for binding)

3. Final binding

Green cover for M.phil and Red cover for Ph.d. and Black cover for M.A./M.Sc. Lettering in gold.
(Thesis topic (font 24), name, Degree and the Year (font 18) – Times New Roman )

4. Front cover format

Top – Full title
Middle – Full name of candidate (author)
Bottom left – M.Phil or Ph.D. or M.A. or M.Sc.
Bottom right – Year of submission

5. The first and last leaf should be blank and of thick (230 g.cm2) quality paper.

6. The next leaf should be the title page having the following format:

Top – Full title
Middle – full name of candidate (author).

Bottom – Thesis submitted to the University of Sri Jayewardenepura for the award of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy/Master of Philosophy in  …………… (subject) on …………………….
(Font – 16, Double Spacing)

7.  (A) The second leaf of the thesis should have a signed declaration by the candidate stating that “The work described in this thesis was carried out by me under the supervision of ……………………….. and a report on this has not been submitted in whole or in part to any university or any other institution for anther Degree / Diploma”.

(B) The third leaf should have a signed declaration with the date by the Supervisor / certifying the work of the candidate stating “I / We certify that the above  statement made by the candidate is true and that this thesis is suitable for submission to the University for the purpose of evaluation”.

8.  The following pages should be for Table of Contents in which the section of the text are numbered using Arabic numerals up to 3 decimals. Further subsections should have Roman numerals. The numbering of the page should start within the first page of the table of contents and simple Roman numerals should be up to the end of the last page of the Abstract. Page numbers will appear at the bottom centre of each page.

1st Numeral – Bold Capital – Font 12
1st Numeral with decimal – Bold Simple – Font 12
1st Numerals with 2 decimals – Simple – Font 12
1st Numerals with 3 decimals – Simple – Font 12

9. Lists of tables, figures and plates where required should follow the table of contents (numbered in simple Roman numeral).

10. Acknowledgements should in a fresh page.

11. The abstract should follow on a fresh page. On this page the title of the thesis should be given  with the author’s name below it and the word ABSTRACT printed below in capital letters. (Font – 14) Double space has to be left below the work ABSTRACT. Abstract should be written Font 12 – Times new Roman, Double Spacing, Bold letters are only for title and full name. It should not exceed two pages.

12. The thesis should contain the following sections under specification. It should be written Font – 12 Times New Roman, Double Spacing, Bold letters are only for titles.

In sections and sub-sections heading should be as follows:

1. Introduction
2. Literature Review
3. materials and  Methods (or methodology)
4. Results (depending on the subject, results and discussion can be combined)
5. Discussion (depending on the subject, results and discussion can be combined)
6. Conclusions
7. References
8. Appendices

Appendix 1 – List of Publications and Communications from thesis

Numbering of pages stars from introduction and it should be Arabic numerals.

13. List of references should be given immediately after the text of the thesis starting on a fresh page. references throughout the text of the thesis as well a list of references should follow one standard format, Harvard or Vancouver.

Font 12 – Times New Roman , double spacing, bold letters only for titles.

Italics only when indicating Latin words.

14. Appendices, if any, should follow this section. Appendices should be titled, numbered and when necessary, have explanatory notes.